March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

The tracks, so far…

Alright. Here’s where we are just over a week in:


We have 2 completed tracks and videos, 3 tracks in progress (that can be overdubbed upon, see below) and 2 more spoken word pieces have been recorded/video’d. Videos are in progress for tracks 2 and 3 below, plus one of the spoken-word pieces.


Here are the current tracks in their current state (and remember…these are not finished tracks. The arrangements and mixes will change as things are added)


Jhaptal Palta Theka, 10 beat rhythm cycle, tonic is G


Ed Hanley-tabla, voice (temp. drum programming)
Larry Graves-Green Egyptian Parade Drum
Adam Ogilvie (age 2)-bell


The video for this piece hasn’tĀ revealedĀ itself yet, but there are still 21 days to shoot video, so no doubt just-the-right-thing will happen….


Framedrum Groove, 4/4, tonic is G (pt 2 starts at 2:33)


Ali Jafri-framedrum
Ed Hanley-tabla, percussion, cymbals
Chris Wardman-splash strip
Massive Clap-Track collective-claps


ward dancing 1Yesterday (March 9) Ward McBurney was back (yay people who come back!), though this time he danced. The thing is (and I checked that I can tell you this), Ward has Parkinson’s Disease. Early-onset Parkinson’s, to be specific, and he’s had it for 12 years.


So…he is pretty happy to dance when he can. And i’m pretty happy that there’s a space where he can dance. Ward’s dancing will be featured in the video for the framedrum piece.


Jhaptal Kaida, 10 beat rhythm cycle, tonic is A


larry gong wideEd Hanley-many many tabla and baya, didgeridoo
Larry Graves and Talia McGuire-gongs
Opening Night Collective-bells (full credits in final mix/video)


The video for this has started in my brain, though it involves a solid 3-4 hours of video editing time to get started, so…maybe….soon.


So, if any of these floats your boat, and you want to come down and play on it, or dance to it, or paint to it, or…??? Well…that’s what this is all about.