March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

New video (ELEVEN!!!) & 43rd Cycle completed (B-Day!!) & 28th hours change




Actually, I’m 43, so more like seven, but it IS a prime number year, which means….erm….that…..uhhhh…. mr something something math something?


The video:

Leg-Mahal was made on March 10th by my 7 year old nephew James, with assistance from bro-papa Tony. I left design and construction completely up to James, and boy, am I ever glad he built that chimney!


399 photos on the main camera, plus the interval timer camera took another 150 or so. A chunk of the video involved hand-placed photos (ea roughly 16 frames long [there are 30 frames in 1 second]), but I made a stop-motion of the entire build in the free Time Lapse Assembler application, and used that to make the lego dance. DANCE Lego DANCE! I will confess to having multiple laughing fits while making this video.


The Music:

The music came out of a residency I did last week with Suba Sankaran and Dylan Bell at the Young Centre err… SoulPepper Centre (as¬†apparently¬†there’s been a name change), and was recorded on March 21st. Suba, Dylan and awesome percussionist Jurij Konje all came down…more stuff from that day coming soon! The body of the tune went down in one take (we didn’t even agree on an arrangement before I hit record!) and then we overdubbed shakers, the DING!, counting to ELEVEN!!! and my comical attempt to play didgeridoo (I only played on about 1/3 of the track as we were laughing so hard).


So. Much. Fun. AND….I’m gonna bet that, while there are a LOT of Lego animation videos out there, this is the first one in Chartal Ki Sawari tala with a Swapan Chaudhuri kaida and a Suresh Talalkar rela on it. So there. One small step for humanity. or something.


March 28th! Hours Change!


My co-March-27th-birthday-sharer Suba Sankaran (weird eh?) bought me a ticket to see Shivkumar Sharma and Zakir Hussain at the George Westin Recital Hall, so i’ll be open in the morning, then taking the night off.


ok…5 days left people! Bring your individual weirdness/awesomeness down and be part of it!