March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

days 8-10 reports

Whoa…holy time consumption on this project, Batman!


No fuss, no muss, straight to the goods.


Day 8:


larry gong wide

Gongo in action

7 visitors

6 Gongs arriving

5 Portraits added to the ‘Faces’ pile

4 handclaps by

3 people,

2 people playing the 6 Gongs

1 craaaaazy version of Cinderella, called ‘Rindercella’ spoken by Michele George


Michele Rindercella

Stazy crory!

Michele George came by and recited Archie Campbell’s ‘Rindercella’, a spoonerism-ified version of Cinderella. It’s ….uh…. very weird. ESPECIALLY when you run it backwards and forwards at the same time! (maniacal laugh)


Then Larry and Talia showed up, and brought gong-y things that hang off the ceiling! And they played them!


Talia says 'DING!'

Talia says ‘DING! Time to get your gong on at Cycles!’ (she didn’t really say that)


Everything fully recorded and video’d.


Day 9:


ward dancing 1

Ward flying through the air

9 visitors

6 photos

3 people clapping

2 people doing

1 improv




Age range: ~12 mo.-90 years.


OK, this was kind of an epic day.


Chris Wardman and I did an improv on one of the tracks…he played my ceiling-hung splash-strip, and I played a cymbal,and various other things that go ping! bonk! swooooosh or plunk.


Then Ward McBurney returned (you might remember Ward from the 2nd video of the project, the Sestina).




This time Ward wanted to dance. Now, I should tell you, Ward has Parkinson’s disease (see previous post) so it’s pretty awesome that he gets to dance, and I get to film it. I am almost finished the video…soon come. soon come.



Day 10



Suba Hindolam-ing

9 visitors

7 photos

1 guitarist

1 bassist

1 singer

and finally…

399 photos for a Lego Stop-Motion/Time-Lapse video with my

7-year old nephew James


Suba Sankaran (my co-pilot in Autorickshaw) stopped by and laid down a vocal percussion improv, and 2 layers of vocal improv on Ali Jafri’s framedrum improv from day 6. She sang Raga Hindolam, which is:


a pentatonic scale: D F G Bb C D


is a springtime raga, which is PERFECT, because I am SO READY for Spring to get on with the springing already, I can’t even tell you.


Hindolam is a serene, gentle, soulful, enchanting, pleasing, meditative raga said to have been created from Shiva’s ‘Taandav’ (Cosmic Dance), so it also has energy and vigour.


Hindolam means ‘swing’


James got to listen and watch while the session went down, which as cool. I think that t’was his first time seeing a recording studio in action.


James watching the Suba-Session going down

James watching the Suba-Session going down


Then guitarist Wilson McLeish (native Arcadian) and bassist Dan Minchon stopped in and did improvs on 2 different tracks (incl the one Suba’d just ..err…Suba’d) before we went to rehearse for Wilson’s final recital, as he graduates from the music programme at Humber College. (That’s why i’m closed-ish on day 12…or perhaps only open for an hour).




IMG_9118The major project of the day was my nephew James and I (with the help of father-brother Tony) trying our hand at a Lego stop-motion/time-lapse project.


James built the thing (I left it totally up to him) and my brother Tony and I alternately assisted (digging through Lego boxes) or manned the camera. I did a rough version of it, and it’s rather hilarious in parts, and i have some ideas for cool treatments. Not sure what the soundtrack will be for this yet…we will have to see.




I look bossy, but check the high-tech camera stabilization system! lol.


aaaaand that’s all for now!