March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

Days 14 and 15 reports, 1/2 way done, Sunday plans

Happy 1/2 way point! (and belated Happy Pi Day!)



putting the daily intervalometer camera to good use…

Yesterday was blissful. I rendered out a big chunk of video #3 (and told myself over and over that ‘it’s DONE, stop FIDDLING with it’) and while the computer chomped on the video, I read a big chunk of Nahlah Ayed’s book ‘A Thousand Farewells‘, which is dazzlingly good, and you should read it.  Go, go buy it, go buy it now!


Day 15




I’m shooting an honest-to-goodness-real-life music video today. I’ve never done this before. Should be fun. I get to use a pretty badass camera to boot, which I’m, ummm… learning how to use starting right after I finish this post!





2 weeeeeeeeks!

now that Cycles is 1/2 over, all those people who have been using ‘oh, it’s on for a month, I’ll go down later’ as an excuse now only have 2 weeks left. And then it will be one week. And then it will be zero weeks, and if that happens, well…you can just un-friend me on Myspace, and you’ll lead a barren, glitter-free existence for ever and ever. TWO WEEKS LEFT PEOPLE. CHOP CHOP.


AND…Sunday: painting to live music


Would love to have lots of musician-types come down. Jim Taylor is going to paint a giant canvas to whatever is happening in the space. 2pm onwards.