March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

Days 11-13 report and BIG THINGS Sunday!

ooooook…well. You can read this, or you can look at pictures, or, you know…both.


Pictures (incl raw video screengrabs): (sorry about the ad, it can be closed, and there’s a ‘play’ button top right, and the ‘i’ will give you captions):


Day 11


no one came. Which was fine as I edited video. And there is a terrifying LOT of that to do.


Day 12


Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 12.22.29 AMReid Dennison came by with his udu drum, and laid down a bedtrack. Fortunately, there are 2 more udus in the space, so he laid down meshing parts on progressively larger udus, and finally played an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny little calabash.


Day 13


was a low point, initially. I’d been hacking (yes, hacking) away at video all day, and wondering what the HELL I was thinking doing this thing, that everything was going to suck etc etc (if you’ve ever been on a creative journey, you know these days).




Drumhand arrived like a spring thunderstorm (well…they sort of trickled in actually) and Sarah Peebles arrived! Whoa…heavies.




Only 4/5ths of Drumhand, mind you, as Trumpeteer Rebecca Hennessy wasn’t there, but Larry Graves came with Gungon, Dave Chan with Pati, Steve Mancuso with Pandeiro & Cashishi and Marcus Ali with Saxophone.

And Sarah Peebles with shō (Japanese Mouth Harp) which is an amazingly cool instrument.




I knew Sarah was coming, so I went in a little early and recorded tabla parts on Reid’s udu parts, and had done a rough but serviceable edit when this whole gang arrived.




Dave, Larry and Steve tracked individual parts on the udu/tabla parts, then Sarah did an unaccompanied improv, Marcus improv’d on Sarah’s improv, and then they both improv’d on the collective drum track.


(click to advance, bigger versions in the link up top)





I’m…uh…kind of overwhelmed by how much stuff has gone down. i feel like I’m about 9 weeks behind in mixing and editing, and my damn brain keep coming up with new ideas, and I, of course, run madly after them, trying to make it all happen.


I’m open 1-3 tomorrow (desperately mixing and editing!) and then off to do prep work for a video shoot on Friday, which means


Cycles is closed Friday!


No Cycles for you!


It is March 15th, so sort-of-roughly the half-way point, and probably a good day to take a break.


BUT SUNDAY is going to be epic.


Jim Taylor is going to paint a giant canvas, accompanied by (or perhaps driven by) whatever is happening in the space. All time-lapsed, of course.




so….who’s coming on Sunday?