March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

Cycles, by the numbers

cycles end10,000+: photographs (not even kidding…daily intervalometer camera baZING!)

4,611: estimated # of minutes of Cycles videos watched on Youtube, Mar 1-31

1,134: views of finished Cycles videos on Youtube, as of March 31st

700+: gigabytes of audio, video and photos on the main Cycles harddrive

693: gigabytes of audio, video and photos on the backup Cycles hardrive (OMG WTF?1?)

683: views of the Cycles promo video on Youtube

420: individual MLUs (maniacal laugh-units) while editing the ELEVEN! video

400: approx number of photos/day (see ‘baZING!’)

399: pieces of Lego assembled

398: individual video files recorded

169: estimated minutes of laughter

107: approx number of hours the gallery was open

101: things I’ve forgotten to put on this list

100: times I made cooing noises, and told my computer I loved it

99: times I swore at my computer

97: number of people who participated in some way

97xmanymany: thanks

97: portrait photos taken

90: max number of minutes of music recorded in one day

90: age of oldest participant

60: times I forgot to eat

60: c-c-cups of c-c-coffee c-c-consumed, mmmmminimum %^$#%^@bzzzt

43: trips completed around the sun, as of March 27th

40: minutes of finished video produced so far

39: minimum number of times 2.5 year old Adam Strunc Ogilvie said ‘HEADPHONES!’

39: number of times Suba completed trips around the sun, as of March 27th

30: minimum number of times I didn’t know what was going to happen

30: minimum number of times I was astonished by something that happened

30: minimum number of times I thought “OMG, what have I gotten myself into here?!?”

30: days the gallery was open

30: minimum number of times I listened to ‘The Long Road’ by Drumhand

30: times I wished the ceiling-drumcloud could rotate

27: estimated number of times Adam Strunc Ogilvie and his dad Cameron attended

27th of March: the best day of the year

19: people played side-percussion

17: times I climbed the ladder to retrieve something from the ceiling

16: times I fell asleep on the couch

+Wendy*: estimated number of times Wendy Fisher attended (*transcendental number)

14: times I posted signs starting with the word ‘AAAAH!’

13 : drummers drumming

12: singers singing

ELEVEN!: numbers counted

10: number of times I forgot to bring the sign in

9: guesstimated number of albums-worth of music recorded

9: number of times Larold Graves engaged in ‘behaviours’

8: bayas recorded on one track

7: age of my Lego-building nephew James

7: hours of painting

6: microphones

6: gongs

6: singing bowls

6: sketches/water colours

5: cameras

4: udu players

4: guitarists

4: bottles of red wine delivered

4: new words coined

4: people counting to ELEVEN!

3: poetical poets

2: dancers

2: bass guitarists

2: Tai Chi practitioners

2: chocolate bars delivered

2: 2 terabyte harddrives

2: painters

1: sho

1: sitar

1: esraj

1: banjo

1: duduk

1: ukulele

1: djembe

1: kalimba

1: alto flute

1: computer

1: book read

1: harmonica

1: harmonium

1: framedrum

1: didgeridoo

1: loop station

1: tabla player

1: bass veena

1: blue smartie

1: regular flute

1: bass clarinet

1: soprano sax

1: bottle of scotch

1: whirling dervish

1: giant spoonerism

1: times spring arrived

1: extended ladder dance

1: creepy weirdoes who attended

1: times I fell asleep in the gallery

1: days I took off to shoot music videos

1: Governer General’s Award winning poets who participated

1: times the Saudi Arabian government authorized executions by firing squad instead of beheading, saying:¬†“This solution seems practical, especially in light of shortages in official swordsmen or their belated arrival to execution yards in some incidents; the aim is to avoid interruption of the regularly-taken security arrangements,”…

.5: estimated age of youngest visitor

-90: approx hours of sleep deficit (based on the United Nations ratified 8 hours a night to prevent war and stupid behaviour)