March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

Activity Menu

While you’re here, you can:




• Have your photo taken (to be incorporated into the film) see:
• Clap your hands (and be on one of the tracks) see:
• Sing (and be on one of the tracks) see:
Play an instrument (attn. musicians!) see:
• Make something (and have it in the film) see:
• Do something (dance, act etc) see: ‎
• Shoot photos or video (and then give the files to me to incorporate into the piece)

• Tell a story. See: ‎
• Buy Something (CD & DVD presales! Tabla Solo CD! Autorickshaw CDs!)


Everyone who appears in the film, or makes stuff that appears in the film will be credited (unless for some reason you want to remain anonymous), and the film will be released under a Creative commons license (see sidebar)


~Petit Amuse~


• Watch videos
• Look at pictures
• Talk to me
• Not talk to me
• Watch art being made
• Ask questions
• Interview me (on camera, you film)
Lay on the floor
• bring chocolate