March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705



An interactive audio video installation creation laboratory


In a nutshell:

To make a contemporary Tabla solo album, accompanying music videos and finally a film stitching it all together.


Renaissance man Ed Hanley invites you into his multi-dimensional world of tabla, film, photography, music and animation during a month-long interactive installation entitled ‘Cycles’ that will transform The Arcadia Art Gallery and culminate in a film about the music of tabla, using tabla vocabulary and grammar as an instrument of creativity in multiple mediums.


A virtuosic tabla player specializing in the solo drumming of north India, Hanley has long sought to push the boundaries of both tabla tradition and people’s understanding of the complexities of north Indian classical drumming and the concept of cyclical time. Incorporating video, lovingly edited to the music, allows Hanley to create visual reinforcement of the musical patterns, connecting the senses.


The installation will feature Hanley’s live tabla, psychedelic music videos, photography and the opportunity for the public and other artists to interact and respond to the visual and audio stimulus via an ‘Activity Menu’ including being photographed, recorded & videotaped and included in the film.  By recording their responses, Hanley intends to activate and reveal the meaning of the work over the 31-day creation period. By constructing a spectacle for audiences to live inside of, Hanley immerses them in his reality and the myriad of neural impulses that drive his artistic output.


The final stage of the installation will be the creation of a film that incorporates and stitches together the tabla solo ‘music videos’, film and photographs from the residency into a cohesive whole.  The resulting film will be a true amalgam of artist and audience, viewer and viewed,  seeing and being seen, listening and being heard.


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