March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

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5th video: Sufi Whirling, days 21-24 updates

and here we go:




Whirling Dervish David Coskun with improvised music by the Cycles Collective.


Reid Dennison recorded 3 udu parts on March 12; Dave Chan, Steve Mancuso, Larry Graves, Marcus Ali, Sarah Peebles and I recorded pati, pandeiro, gungon, soprano saxophone, shō (Japanese mouth organ) and tabla on March 13th; David Coskun Whirled on March 19th.





Recorded by Ed Hanley
Edited and mixed by Ed Hanley and Larry Graves


Recorded by Ed Hanley and Ali Jafri (slo-mo ceiling-cam triggerman!)
Edited by Ed Hanley


whirling dervish one

David Coskun in full whirl. Photo by Ali Jafri


What else…


Day 21


I was very grumpy, and Ward McBurney came in with 2 drumsticks, a metal-tipped baton of some kind, a portable cassette-player, wearing knee-pads and reflective anklets, confidently announcing “ok Ed, I brought you some British military music!‘, and proceeded to march/dance up and down the space to pipes & drums. My eyes went O.O, and my mood lifted slightly, but it wasn’t until I heard that distantly familiar, old-timey stop tape-eject tape-insert play plastic-y sequence of sounds (ah, memories) and Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ filled the room that I marvelled at Ward’s ability to be so completely unexpected, and smiled hard. Suba came in mid-song, and sang and danced along, and my grumpyness was completely suffocated in an audio-visual cotton-candy of absurdity. Thank you, awesome people!



click for awesomeness!

click for awesomeness!



That was only the beginning!


old friend and percussionist extrordinaire Jurij Konje came with Suba, and then musical swiss-army knife Dylan Bell showed up, and we recorded some stuff, including Jurij playing the tiniest kalimba on earth and we all counted to 11 together! Over and over again! (<– I know that doesn’t make ANY sense, but it will)


Day 22


Kimberley Way came by with her Ukelele and sang a song…lovely! video to come!




Day 23


Justin Gray came by with his Bass Veena and overdubbed on one of the early tabla tracks, and we did a couple traditional pieces. WHAT AN AWESOME INSTRUMENT! WHAT AN AWESOME PLAYER!

justin bass veena


Day 24!


Another epic painting-music session with Jim Taylor and Larry Graves plus Marcus Ali, John Wojewoda and Anita Katakkar.





Jean McLellan came in and watched her video for the first time, and pointed out that we should have seen her at age 18 (she’s 90 now), so she brought a photo;


IMG_3617 and that’s all for now!