March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

4th video, updates

90 year old poet Jean McLellan reads 2 poems while Jim Taylor paints a canvas, accompanied* by drummer Larry Graves and myself.



*Note: Jean was not listening to the music when she read. Larry and I recorded the improv about 30min before she came into the gallery, and when I set the poem with the music, the synchronicity was, I thought, uncanny. It’s as if the groove was still living in the room, and Jean picked up on it. The audio is unedited, except for trimming the beginning and ending, and Jean’s video is un-cut, except for the final reading of ‘Needing Beauty’, which is a copy-paste of the 3rd reading, just because it’s so awesome. Jean McLellan could school many a rapper on how to flow over rhythm, methinks.


Jim Taylor, however, WAS painting during both the music and poetry recording.


And sweet sweet bonus, if you watched right to the end (there are often easter eggs in the credits of my videos) is the lovely hug delivered to Jean by Cycles stalwart and fellow Arcadian Wendy Fisher.



What’s been happening….hmmm. Well, it’s all kind of a blur. Here’s what I DO remember:


Larry Graves came by yesterday, and we listened through the 90 minutes of improv we laid down on Sunday (including the one above) and arranged and mixed the piece that started on day 12 with Reid Dennison’s udu parts, and continued on day 13 with Drumhand and Sarah Peebles recording percussion, sax and sho.


Now that it’s mixed, the video begins, and it is going to be Whirling Dervish David Coskun. We captured some spectacular footage, and i’m going to edit the video as soon as humanly possible.