March 1-31 Arcadia Gallery

680 Queens Quay West 416-597-8705

2nd video

As I mentioned, yesterday was very cool, and here’s what went down:


Poet Ward McBurney reading one of his poems, a Sestina (the form is explained in the video) called ‘Late Blamer’, backed up by the opening-night vocal improv collective:


That is exactly the kind of thing I hoped would happen with this project: The vocals were recorded late on opening night by a group of people who had mostly never sung together, or even met, and I was toying with using them as a transition into the next tabla piece, but when Ward came in and read that poem, I knew right away how the 2 would come together.


What else. I might take the night off (after open hours of course). The cycle between closing one night and opening the next day is roughly:


-transfer all photos and video (from 3 cameras)

-backup the main harddrive

-write blogpost

-lay in bed wondering what’s next, and why I can’t sleep

-wake up, start mixing audio/editing video

-remember to eat

-open gallery


OH, and Ted Onyszczak posted a nice little review on the Facebook today:

The amazing and versatile tabla player and multi-instrumentalist Ed Hanley is making a crowd sourced album. He’s setup a makshift studio in the art gallery at Arcadia Co-Op. And every evening this month if you swing by he’ll record you and use you in a song or a video or something. I was initially sceptical. But now the concept intrigues me. It’s a hopefully fascinating look at where free form art can go. If you are interested you shold swing on by and contribute.


Thanks Ted!